Udaden: Desert planet; Republic colonies failed, Tech World controlled

System Code: 0204 E8B0354-IX
Size: 13,300 km (8)
Surface Gravity: 1.0
Atmosphere: Corrosive Requires: Vacc Suit (B)
Pressure: Varies
Temperature: Roasting
Hydrograpics: N/A (0)

Population: 25,000 robots, 8,000 humans (3)
Factions: Tech World, Udaden Rebels
Government: Feudal Technocracy, Failed New Republic colony, Tech World allowed to salvage mission and save any humans. Human rebels have formed an underground community safe from the planet’s surface and away from Tech World, while Tech World attempts mining operations. (5)
Law: Communication limited greatly due to atmosphere. Udaden Rebels outlawed all computers. (4)
Tech Level: 9

Star Port: Ponos Class E, Tech World controlled, automated systems, little overall use other than outgoing shipping.

Trade: Germium, Basic Ore, Basic Electronics, Radioactives, Diamonds, Precious Metals


Current Residents: Woest Corrigan, Aquest Usbourne, Hawthorne Twendasasa, Dilby


Traveller: Thaer of Tomorrow guccigram guccigram