Rove: “Retirement” Planet for The Towers

System Code: 0310 C441622-VIII
Size: 6,650 km (4)
Surface Gravity: 0.35
Atmosphere: Thin, Tainted, Requires: Filter (4)
Pressure: 0.43-0.7
Temperature: Temperate
Hydrograpics: 9% (1)

Population: 7,500,000 humans (6)
Factions: The Towers
Government: Participating Democracy, A conservative space colony, the first of The Towers. Home to Towers members after retirement. (2)
Law: Drugs banned. (2)
Tech Level: 8
Senator: Stränger Kløk
Chief Security Officer: Brock Muerte
Comms & Commerce Officer: The Disco Architheque

Star Port: Dolos Class C, General ship maintenance, Supplies low.

Trade: Basic Electronics, Ships, Basic Computers, Luxury Consumables.

Natives: Biverly Hills, Brock Muerte, Larc Dutchman aka Cowboy New Jersey

Current Residences: Brock Muerte, The Disco Architheque


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