Phant: Botched cancer research planet

System Code: 0205 C957511-IX
Size: 15,500 km (9)
Surface Gravity: 1.25
Atmosphere: Thin (5)
Pressure: 0.43-0.7
Temperature: Cold
Hydrograpics: 69% (7)

Population: 100,000 humans_(5)_
Factions: I.U.U., The Church of the Infinite
Government: Company. I.U.U. in control of Phant after the Church of the Infinite’s bothed cancer research was made public following the Vein War of Aren. Center of Germium research. (1)
Law: Loose and free research. Star Port entrance only given to personnel of I.U.U. (1)
Tech Level: 9
Senator: Prof. Mykale Hofstad
Chief Security Officer: 640h
Comms & Commerce Officer: Father 795h

Star Port: Ersa Class C, Well maintained, contains large and safe habitation zones.
Research: I.U.U. College, Oncology, Epidemiology, Psychology focus.
Pirate: Abandoned Mithril Hammer base.

Trade: Exotic Animals, Illegal Luxuries, Germium, Pharmaceuticals, Research

Natives: Father 795h

Current Residents: Father 795h, Prof. Mykale Hofstad, 640h


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