Étienne Wulfenhoegär

Capo of the Small Fries, C&C Officer of Riker-6


Strength: 3 ( – 1)
Dexterity: 12 ( + 2)
Endurance: 10 ( + 1)
Intellect: 10 ( + 1)
Education: 5 ( – 1)
Social: 2 ( – 2)

HP: 35

Animals (Breeding): 0
Art (Culinary): 3
Athletics (Coordination): 1
Carouse: 3
Computers: 0
Drive (Wheel): 2
Gambler: 2
Jack of All Trades: 1
Melee (Blade): 1
Persuade: 1
Recon: 1
Stealth: 0
Steward: 4
Streetwise: 2
Survival: 2

Street Cloths, Cloth, 3 arm
Apron, Ablat, 3 lsr
Laser Cleaver x 5, 3d6 lsr dmg
Skillet, 1d6 dmg, 2d6-2 Stun
Oil Basket, 6d6 burn dmg
Grav-Cycle, Fryer Mod, Speaker Mod

Drifter; Wanderer: Rank 3
Entertainer; Artist: Rank 3

Comms & Commerce Officer of Riker-6


Homeworld: Riker-6
Faction Alignment: The Towers; The Small Fries
Current Location: Riker-6

Age: 22

Height: 3’10"
Weight: 76 lbs
Physical Appearance: Orangish white skin. Head, large and dented forehead/skull. Large cat-like eyes, one red, the other green. Small nose with flared nostrils. Heavy underbite, large mouth. Face covered in scraggly dark blue beard. Has messy short blue hair, with black headband. Wears all simple black pants/shirt. Blue floral apron.
Grav-Cycle, equipped with portable fryer and storage cooler. Speakers on handles. Bright teal with black stripes.

Allies: Nwaanyi Barksdale, Kenichi Baiwust, Baldovino Luminato
Contacts: Annie Alto, Rumar Balon, Smug Rifkin, The Disco Architheque, Ilaria Lugwit, Doneken O’Frei, Gruna Zyklon

Rivals: Larc Dutchman aka Cowboy New Jersey, Charlie Knight
Enemies: Jermaine Downs, Hawthorne Twendasasa

Étienne Wulfenhoegär

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