T. J. English

Chief Security Officer of the Heart of Thaer


Strength: 9 ( + 1)
Dexterity: 8 ( 0 )
Endurance: 12 ( + 2)
Intellect: 7 ( 0 )
Education: 9 ( + 1)
Social: 7 ( 0 )

HP: 39

Athletics (Endurance): 1
Battle Dress: 1
Carouse: 1
Gambler: 1
Gunner: 1
Gun Combat (Slug Rifle): 3
Heavy Weapons (Artillery): 0
Leadership: 2
Melee (Blade): 3
Recon: 0
Seafarer (Sail): 1
Stealth: 1
Survival: 2
Tactics (Naval): 1

Antique Breastplate, Iron, 8 arm, -1 Speed
Fisherman’s Jacket, Ablat, 6 lsr
Cutlass, Melee, 2d6+4
Sniper RIfle, 5d6, Zoom Scope

Marines; Ground Assault: Rank 4
Drifter; Barbarian: Rank 2


Homeworld: Ostia
Faction Alignment: TAS, The New Republic
Current Location: I S S Casimir

Age: 40

Height: 5’9"
Weight: 185 lbs
Physical Appearance: Dark tan skin. Head, weathered and scratched cheeks. Hard thick jaw, cleft chin. Large grey bushy mustache and eyebrows. Messy short black hair under a sailor’s hat. Cold grey eyes. Top front teeth missing, cracked lips. Broken plain-looking nose. Large broad shoulders accompanied by a beer barrel belly. Thick and stocky legs. Wears a sailor’s reflective jacket over an antique breatplate. Cutlass at side, sniper rifle on back. Weathered brown pants, and large leather boots.

Allies: Roaz Carcutti, Dare Wreck, Bernard Jean-Baptiste
Contacts: Rumar Balon, Mauk Pemberontak, Shauna Pemberontak, Ilaria Lugwit, Shunma Hutt, Captain Murphine, Frida McCollough

Rivals: Larc Dutchman aka Cowboy New Jersey, Commander Eustis Rawls, Hawthorne Twendasasa, Edward F. Longacre the Third
Enemies: Trillian Lach

T. J. English

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