Roy Brown

TBC Producer and Director, C&C Officer of Joycis


Strength: 6 ( 0 )
Dexterity: 10 ( + 1)
Endurance: 5 ( – 1)
Intellect: 12 ( + 2)
Education: 8 ( 0 )
Social: 12 ( + 2)

HP: 31

Art (Bad Art): 5
Athletics (Coordination): 0
Carouse: 2
Deception: 0
Persuade: 0
Steward: 0
Stealth: 1
Streetwise: 3

Street Clothes, Misc, 2 arm, 5 lsr

Entertainer; Performer: Rank 4

Comms & Commerce Officer of Joycis


Homeworld: Joycis
Faction Alignment: Joycan Konstenstars
Current Location: Ostia

Age: 31

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 177 lbs
Physical Appearance: Brown skin. Head, triangular shaped. Giant glittering yellow eyes. Pencil thin orange goatee surrounding a large teeth bearing smile. Humorous big and red spiked hair. Long thin pointy nose. Under clothes, tubby and rotund. ROY outfit: Red Tuxedo jacket over a frilly white dress shirt with black cummerbund. Orange camo pants and bright yellow combat boots.

Allies: Biverly Hills, Trillian Lach, Dr. Quid, Irving Guran
Contacts: Dr. Sabine Conway, Kenichi Baiwust, Rumar Balon, Timantti Antwerp, Omega-Prime, Mauk Pemberontak, Larc Dutchman aka Cowboy New Jersey, Seance

Rivals: Bisque Glazenfield, Commander Eustis Rawls, Brick Muerte, Uri Nova, Daneral-Prime
Enemies: Steven Simili

Roy Brown

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