Dr. Sabine Conway

Dean of the I.U.U., Researcher of Germium, Senator of Sorontega


Strength: 2 ( – 2)
Dexterity: 6 (0)
Endurance: 2 ( – 2)
Intellect: 13 ( + 2)
Education: 15 ( + 3)
Social: 10 ( + 1)

HP: 20

Admin: 3
Comms: 0
Computers: 2
Diplomat: 1
Investigate: 3
Life Science (Biochemistry): 3
Medic: 0
Physical Sciences (Quantum Physics): 5
Social Science (Education): 1
Space Science (Germium): 1
Survival: 0

Lab Coat: Cloth, 5 arm, 10 lsr, Medical Supplies.
Lab Ship
Scientific Equipment x2
40k credits on hand

Scholar; Scientist: Rank 6.

Worked with Lorenzo Luminato on the synthesis of stable solid-state Germium but downplayed his contributions and took the credit.


Homeworld: Ostia
Faction Alignment: I.U.U.
Current Location: Lucian

Age: 30

Height: 5’10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Physical Appearance: Yellow-white skin. Head skinny and square. Long black hair to mid-back with teal, purple, and pink highlights. Large scientific lenses cover most of face. Thin and tall nose, high cheek bones. Mole on right cheek. Heart shaped mouth. Wears a necklace with a solid Germium pendant. Under a black and grey lab coat, a tight fitting ablat orange dress. Fish nets and platinum cowboy boots. Carries comms/sensors array.

Allies: Prof. Kalli Apollonia, Prof. Udele Yamamoto
Contacts: Dr. Lorenzo Luminato, Admiral Eustis Rawls, Roy Brown, Biverly Hills, Dr. Evelyn Legrand, Dr. Viktoria Kraftaus, Waupok the Wall

Rivals: Bishop Resnik, Trillian Lach
Enemies: Dr. Òkú

Dr. Sabine Conway

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