In the beginning… Thaer was only stars, stuff, and the space in between,
A celestial harmony bound the planets in a peaceful and infinite equilibrium.

And then, humans arrived.

300,000 years ago… The humans from planet Earth of the Milky Way Galaxy have proved their adaptability, and aided by the Black Boxes (Germium artifacts from their forsaken homeworld), have colonized various planets in the system of Thaer, the first being Sorontega. The humans form the Republic of Thaer, an Aristo-Democratic Monarchy with the sole purpose of providing Order, Justice and Common Welfare for all citizens. Communion over terroforming developments and new planetary discoveries allow peace for eons. The Black Boxes are forgotten once the first generations pass, thoughts of Earth remain, though only illusory.

100,000 years ago… The travelling family of the Sostresons have discovered a nearby solar system and decide to colonize a cluster of asteroids they later name Kotimaa (Motherland). The Sostresons invite other enterprising travelling families to live away from Thaer and develop genetic modifications for a better, more equal space living. Otherwise, the new system makes little contact with The Republic of Thaer. The Brotherhood of Sisters is founded in the year 75,000 BT: a non-gendered human race designed by the Sostresons for prime space habitation and social equality, cancer is also cured as an result of the modification. The War of Sex is declared by BoS after the Republic of Thaer demands they end their genetic program or forfeit their planets.

50,000 years ago… The Republic of Thaer have captured the Mother and Father of the BoS, thus ending The War of Sex. In a show of good faith, the Republic of Thaer gives the BoS their own governance in exchange for taxation. Columbia is made the first neutral planet, free from any outside influence yet still protected from outside forces. The Brotherhood of Sisters continue their genetic modifications, and are given 2 outer planets of Thaer to terroform and colonize as a test to their commitment to governance, Mantis and Lucian.

10,000 years ago… Riker-6 has been created as a trade post for neutral planets and the varying factions. The builders and workers of Riker-6 throw a coup and establish The Towers, the lead trade and illegal activities organization of Thaer to this day. Guerrilla style war against the Republic of Thaer erupts spontaneously across the system. The Traveller Aid Society (TAS) is formed as a peace keeping coalition during the conflict, leading to the end of the conflict in 2,000 BT. The Republic of Thaer reforms after the war as The New Republic.

777 years ago… On Lucian a miner has found a diamond, perfectly shaped as a lemniscate, naming it the Holy Infinite. The miner builds a telescope using the diamond, and discovers a strange gas giant in a star system once thought to be galaxies away, now seemingly within space travel from Thaer. The Church of the Infinite is founded to find and colonize the new planets the miner, now known as Bishop Resnik, believes to be out there.

300 years ago… the Church of the Infinite has indeed found two new solar systems and colonizes with support of the New Republic. Germium is discovered on Aren and Catelemnis in a strange gaseous form. Most factions except for the Church of the Infinite are hesitant about use of the substance. Sorontega and the Interplanetary University Union (I.U.U.) begin research on the Black Box artifacts.

Today… Tech World Corporations, a C/Fe society of cyborgs, androids, and robots from another galaxy, warp drove into the new solar systems of Thaer, obliterating two planets, Fastoon and Daneral, in its path. Tech World claims their destination was Earth and that the planets were not destroyed intentionally. The New Republic and the Church of the Infinite have declared war on the foreign invaders. The Towers, in a surprise move, join in alliance with Tech World, while the Brotherhood of Sisters remains neutral. Chaos engulfs Thaer: Columbia has been burnt to the ground, and there are rumors of undead humans. Costia has been flooded, killing millions. Spiritual fanaticism is beginning to take hold of Houma. War has erupted on Aren. The New Republic begins developing planetary nuclear defense weapons. The Towers are focusing on bioweaponry and combat drugs. The Church of the Infinite are attempting communion with Germium. Tech World’s plans, thus far, unknown.

Thaer of Tomorrow… is an even more chaotic thing, like a die dropped in the vacuum of space, forever falling, never telling its true side. But it is a die that you cast; each thought an action, each action a memory, the reality of your decisions is alive in Thaer.

Traveller: Thaer of Tomorrow

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