The Towers

Annie Alto, Capo of The Dirty Boys
Rosellino Anthropos, The Dirty Boys
Kenichi Baiwust, Capo of The Big Deals
Nwaanyi Barksdale, Capo of The Up Fronts
The Disco Architheque, The Big Deals
Larc Dutchman aka Cowboy New Jersey, Capo of The Rooks
Abraham Ingenn, The Up Fronts
Kaylee Jane, The Mixers
Stränger Kløk, Boss
Charlie Knight, Capo of The Bad Bitches
Philander Knox, Capo of The Good Guys
Ilaria Lugwit, The Bad Bitches
Baldovino Luminato, The Low Floaters
Lorenzo Luminato, Capo of The Mixers
Frida McCollough, Capo of The High Rollers
Brick Muerte, Capo of The Pawns
Doneken O’Frei, The Mixers
Omega-Prime, Capo of The Knights
Dr. Quid, The Mixers
Qyan Ray, The Big Deals
Smug Rifkin, Capo of The Fixers
Zenith Thebath, The Up Fronts
Hawthorne Twendasasa, Capo of The Low Floaters
Kosmo S. Vandalay, TBC
Étienne Wulfenhoegär, Capo of The Small Fries
Gruna Zyklon, Capo of The Checkers

The High Rollers
The Low Floaters
The Fixers
The Mixers
The Rooks
The Knights

Progress through Freedom

Ship Tech, Drug Research

Mob-Guild Organization/Communist Capitalism

Political Structure:
Socialist Criminal Co-Op

Allies: Tech World, Sealab 200021, Citizens
Contacts: The Brotherhood of Sisters, I.U.U., Joycan Konstenstars, TAS, The Zed Party

Enemies: The New Republic, The Church of the Infinite
Rivals: The Mithril Hammer

Controlled Planets:
0303 Riker-6
0709 5 Points
0210 Rove
0501 Sector-5

Occupying Planets:
0808 Landfall
0210 Hof

The Towers

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