The Aren Trade and Arms Treaty (AT-AT)

The Aren Trade & Arms Treaty, the official document ending Aren‘s Vein War; peace has settled between the two warring sides, Tech World & The Towers and The New Republic & The Church of the Infinite. The document was signed and amendments written in at the Apollo Union Party at Riker-6’s Blue Lotus Tower, then under control of TBC’s Kosmo S. Vandalay (now deceased).

The original purpose of the treaty was for it to act as a legally binding plan to allow and foster Kosmo’s own TBC network to control the citizens of Aren. Following the TAS’s victory over the monomaniacal producer, the treaty was edited with intentions of preserving its dignity, as well as Aren’s.


  • No official colonies of the New Republic, The Towers, the Church of the Infinite, or Tech World.
  • Star Port Mars is to be rebuilt on Aren’s moon and run as a neutral trade post for Thaer.
  • No Germium production or cultivation. Limited Research.
  • Land colonies to be civilian ran with organization from TAS and other leading factions.


1. Signed by: Private Wintson Capra – 10% increase system wide in Star Port services, fees, taxes, parking and boarding, excluding Aren.

2. Signed by: Nwaanyi Barksdale, Senator of Riker-6, Capo of the Up Fronts – Transfer of production and distribution of Cloud and other manufactured drugs (pharmaceutical, combat, and recreational) to Sector-5.

3. Signed by: Dr. Quid, Chief Science Officer of Sector-5, Member of The Mixers – Combat and recreational drugs banned on Aren. Towers to fund Sealab 200021 scientific research.

4. Signed by: Roy Brown Joycan Konstenstars to build an “Artistic Healing Community” on Aren, named Big Town.

5. Signed by: Annie Alto, Secretary to Nwaanyi Barksdale, Capo of the Dirty Boys – Tech World drones, implants, and robotic technologies banned on Aren, until deemed safe and stable given Aren’s Germium toxicity.

6. Signed by: 117h – Remaining Aren Followers to be relocated to Houma. Plans to rebuild a Church of the Infinite fountain on Aren.

7. Signed by: Philander Knox, Capo of the Good Guys – Free broadcasting of TBC on Aren.

8. Signed by: Mariya Zed, Chief Security Officer of Aren – A Zed is free to the right of a healthy, diverse, and at times, corporeal diet.

9. Edited by: Larc Dutchman aka Cowboy New Jersey, Capo of The Rooks – Voided amendment of Annie Alto (5.)

10. Signed by: Patay Coburn, Senator of Aren, Leader of the Zed Party – Germium research to be focused on agriculture of Aren’s new flora. Segregation and other civil rights injustices illegal based on individual credence of “life status”.

11. Signed by: Daneral-Prime – Aren to be provided a network for and by the citizens. It shall not depend on any outside influence of other factions. Called Aren Broadcasting System (ABS).

12. Signed by: Charlie Knight, Capo of the Bad Bitches, Executive Producer of TBC – All weapons banned on Aren, with the exception of approved stun/non-lethal weapons.

13. Signed by: Omega-Prime, Capo of The Knights, Chief Security Officer of Riker-6 – Monthly donations of capital, resources, and credits from outside factions obligatory.

14. Signed by: Jamie T. Davis, Captain of the New Republic Navy – Military and active humanitarian aid to relocate to Columbia following Aren’s stabilization.

15. Edited by: 869116180713131462h – Voided amendment of Philander Knox (7.)

16. Edited by: Rigg – Voided amendment of Nwaanyi Barksdale (2.)

17. Edited by: Dr. Lorenzo Luminato, Capo of The Mixers – Voided amendment of Dr. Quid (3.)

18. Signed by: Bernard Jean-Baptiste, Senator of Houma -

  • The TAS will be granted law enforcement jurisdiction over investigation of all interplanetary crimes, including those that, but are not limited to:
    - Threaten the existence of human civilization or the death of citizens.
    - Attempt to involuntarily alter the consciousnesses of a significant proportion of human society.
    - Interfere or destroy planetary and solar Germium ecology.
    - Introduce technologies to human society that would covertly control its users.
  • The signatory factions are bound to:
    - Allocate a portion of their defense budgets to fund TAS efforts.
    - Cooperate fully with any investigation.
    - Be responsible for forming a review of the TAS actions, and upon 100% agreement of a TAS infraction, are able to alter the agreed upon terms.

The Aren Trade and Arms Treaty (AT-AT)

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