Sorontega: Thaer’s first planet

System Code: 0101 C656766-VII
Size: 9,000 km (6)
Surface Gravity: 0.7
Atmosphere: Thin (5)
Pressure: 0.43-0.7
Temperature: Hot
Hydrograpics: 60% (6)

Population: 33,600,000 humans (7)
Factions: The New Republic, I. U. U.
Government: Captive Government, The New Republic has retaken control of Thaer’s first colonized planet, a planet dedicated to the scientific academics and anthropological research. (6)
Law: Strict borders, library/research needs approval from the New Republic, General New Republic lawkeeping. (6)
Tech Level: 7
Senator: Dr. Sabine Conway
Chief Security Officer: Husam Yamamoto
Comms & Commerce Officer: Prof. Udele Yamamoto

Star Port: Athena Class C, Large, Land Vehicle Manufacturing Plant
Research Base: Capital University of the I. U. U., Anthropology, Archaeology, and Geology focus.

Trade: Basic Ore, Basic Raw Materials, Radioactives, Research, Land Vehicles

Natives: Prof. Mykale Hofstad, Prof. Kalli Apollonia, Ilaria Lugwit, Zenith Thebath, 828h, Quarall Jefferson, Smug Rifkin, Captain Murphine, Husam Yamamoto, Athew Isda

Current Residents: Husam Yamamoto, Prof. Udele Yamamoto, Dr. Òkú, John Smith AKA Hannibal Ramsey


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