Sector-5: Backwards water world, home to Sealab 200021

System Code: 0501 D65A552-V
Size: 10,300m (6)
Surface Gravity: 0.7
Atmosphere: Thin (5)
Pressure: 0.43-0.7
Temperature: Temperate
Hydrograpics: 99% (A)

Population: 555,000 humans, 5,000 robots (5)
Factions: Sealab 200021, The Towers
Government: Feudal Technocracy. An undeveloped water world planet, Sector-5 is dedicated to out dated manufacturing and non-scientific research, the results of which are all filmed and broadcast on TBC. (5)
Law: Few laws, Captain’s orders. Landing permitted anywhere, cheap goods. Technology limited. (2)
Tech Level: 5
Senator: Captain Murphine
Chief Security Officer: Pollo
Comms & Commerce Officer: Sharks

Star Port: I.S.S. Haven Class D, Old Republic Starship Carrier, now used as a Cruise Ship.
Scout: Underwater Research Facilities, home to Sealab 200021

Trade: Luxury Tech, Research, Art, Fresh Water

Natives: Ger Klo

Current Residents: Captain Murphine, Dr. Quid, Sharks, Pollo, Dawn, Black Dawn, Softy, Hash, Ger Klo


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