Riker-6: Thaer’s trade capital, operating planet of The Towers

System Code: 0303 B110564-XIV
Size: 1,373 km (1)
Surface Gravity: 0.15
Atmosphere: Trace, Requires: Vacc Suit (1)
Pressure: 0.001-0.09
Temperature: Temperate, but varies greatly
Hydrograpics: N/A (0)

Population: 250,000 humans, 100,000 cyborgs, 50,000 robots (5)
Factions: The Towers, Tech World
Government: Captive Government. The Towers control the originally neutral trade capital of Riker-6. Control distributed among Guild Gangs. (6)
Law: Must land in star port, careful security. Assault and Explosive Weapons banned. (4)
Tech Level: 14
Senator: Nwaanyi Barksdale
Chief Security Officer: Omega-Prime
Comms & Commerce Officer: Étienne Wulfenhoegär

Star Port: Europa Class B, Top of the line, ships, upgrades, and maintenance.
Naval: Arm’s Way, Weapon and Armor factory.
TAS: The Pharm, Drug research facility.
Scout: Club Babylon.
Blue Lotus Tower: TBC broadcasting center, the Tower.

Trade: Ships, Ship Parts, Adv. Weaponry, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Fuel, Luxury Illegals, Art

Natives: Annie Alto, Nwaanyi Barksdale, Étienne Wulfenhoegär, Kaylee Jane, Stränger Kløk, Doneken O’Frei, Qyan Ray

Current Residents: Nwaanyi Barksdale, Annie Alto, Étienne Wulfenhoegär, Charlie Knight, Omega-Prime, Philander Knox, Timantti Antwerp

Adventure Logs:
Eye in the Sky, The Best Goddamn Planet in the Galaxy
The Riker 6 Shuffle


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