Mantis: Brotherhood of Sisters colony with human workers

System Code: 0404 D3366B9-VIII
Size: 4,400 km (3)
Surface Gravity: 0.25
Atmosphere: Very Thin, Requires: Respirator (3)
Pressure: 0.1-0.42
Temperature: Temperate
Hydrograpics: 60% (6)

Population: 6,000,000 humans 500,000 Brothers of Sisters (6)
Factions: The Brotherhood of Sisters, The Mithril Hammer, Mantisians
Government: Non-Charismatic Dictator. Moedra the Maul, the Mother of the Brotherhood of Sisters, rules over the old colony. Workers docile but being raised in rebellion, likely from Mithril Hammer agents. (B)
Law: All weapons, technology, and information controlled strictly. Humans recently given political power, though minor. (9)
Tech Level: 8
Senator: Moedra the Maul
Chief Security Officer: Kathra the Ill Born

Star Port: Tytar Class D, Decent condition, small. General ships and maintenance.
Scout: Old Republic Satellite, controlled by the Mithril Hammer.

Trade: Textiles, Silver, Basic Raw Materials, Basic Electronics, Precious Metals, Workers, Luxury Goods, Pilots, Ships

Natives: Timantti Antwerp, Kathra the Ill Born, Jitters

Current Residents: Moedra the Maul


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