Kotimaa: Motherland of the Brotherhood of Sisters

System Code: 0801 C361489-VII
Size: 4,750 km (3)
Surface Gravity: 0.25
Atmosphere: Standard (6)
Pressure: 0.71-1.49
Temperature: Hot
Hydrograpics: 6% (1)

Population: 85,000 Brothers of Sisters, ~100 humans (4)
Factions: The Brotherhood of Sisters, TAS
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy, agendered genetic family of Travellers modified for space and zero-g environments. Exiles of the Republic, though still represented politically through a Mother and Father, based on a strict hierarchy. (8)
Law: All personal computers & drugs banned. (9)
Tech Level: 7
Senator: Waupok the Wall
Chief Security Officer:
Comms & Commerce Officer: Abraham Ingenn

Star Port: Theia Class C, Streamlined BoS SP, though missing stores and ships following the Great Drop.
Scout: Star Port Hedone Class D, Neutral trade post run by a group of Travellers.

Trade: Luxury Electronics, Luxury Consumables, Precious Metals, Pilots, Engineers, Research, Ship Parts, Trade (General)

NPCs: Waupok the Wall, 828h, Content Not Found: dr-viktoria-kraftaust


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