Joycis: The artists’ planet

System Code: 0102 C546657-VII
Size: 7,000 km (5)
Surface Gravity: 0.45
Atmosphere: Thin, Tainted, Requires: Filter (4)
Pressure: 0.43-0.7
Temperature: Temperate
Hydrograpics: 58% (6)

Population: 3,000,000 humans (6)
Factions: Joycan Konstenstars, I.U.U.
Government: Feudal Technocracy. A planet originally funded by the New Republic for subsidized art programs, now with their own acting government and self-sustaining infrastructure. (5)
Law: All narcotics banned, limited zones of habitation. (7)
Tech Level: 7
Senator: Biverly Hills
Chief Security Officer:
Comms & Commerce Officer: Roy Brown

Star Port: Bacchus Class C, Basic Star Port, General maintenance and refueling station. Home to large theater.
Research Base: Art Institute of the I.U.U.

Trade: Art, Luxury Art Materials, Spices, Clay, Luxury Chemicals

Natives: Kosmo S. Vandalay, Mauk Pemberontak, Shauna Pemberontak, Roy Brown, Steven Simili, Uri Nova

Current Residents: Bisque Glazenfired


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