Interplanetary University Union

Prof. Kalli Apollonia
Dr. Sabine Conway
Biverly Hills
Prof. Mykale Hofstad
Dr. Viktoria Kraftaus
Dr. Evelyn LeGrand, The White Bell
Dr. Lorenzo Luminato
Doneken O’Frei
Dr. Òkú
Waupok the Wall
Prof. Udele Yamamoto

Education and Conservation

General Research, Origin and Understanding of Human Life

Non-Profit University

Political Structure:
Unionized Professors and Students

Allies: The New Republic, Joycan Konstenstars, Cut & Runners, TAS
Contacts: The Brotherhood of Sisters, The Towers, The Yellow King, The Zed Party

Enemies: Sealab 200021
Rivals: The Mithril Hammer, The Church of the Infinite

Controlled Planets:
0205 Phant

Occupying Planets:
0101 Sorontega
0102 Joycis
0103 Houma

Interplanetary University Union

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