I S S Casimir

Interplanetary Space Station (I. S. S.) Casimir: The New Republic’s last starship carrier

System Code: 0104 C000547-IX
Size: 500km (0)
Surface Gravity: None
Atmosphere: None, Requires: Vacc Suit (0)
Pressure: N/A
Temperature: Varies
Hydrograpics: N/A (0)

Population: 11,200 humans (Officers/Pilots) + 200,000 humans (Marines/Workers) + 50,000 humans (citizens) (5)
Factions: The New Republic
Government: Representative Democracy. New Republic Politicians and Military Officers carry out Republic duties system wide, patrolling the planets. (4)
Law: Freedom of speech limited, constant surveillance, General New Republic lawkeeping. (7)
Tech Level: 9
Senator: Eustis Rawls
Chief Security Officer: Jamie T. Davis

Star Port: Casimir Class C, Starship Carrier, Military Mobile Base

Trade: Precious Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Law and Order

Natives: Commander Eustis Rawls, John Smith AKA Hannibal Ramsey, Prof. Udele Yamamoto

Current Residents: Commander Eustis Rawls, Jamie T. Davis, T. J. English, Larc Dutchman aka Cowboy New Jersey aka Pirate Ontario

I S S Casimir

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