Houma: The New Republic “summer planet”, now home to a group following the Yellow King

System Code: 0103 C577729-VII
Size: 7,177 km (5)
Surface Gravity: 0.45
Atmosphere: Standard, Compromised (7)
Pressure: 0.71-1.49
Temperature: Temperate
Hydrograpics: 66% (7)

Population: 20,000,000 humans (7)
Factions: The Church of the Infinite, The New Republic, I.U.U.
Government: Participating Democracy. In the wake of The Yellow King’s death and the adjustment of the compromised Germium cube of Houma, the TAS has left the Church of the Infinite as the leading force in reorganizing the Yellow Ones into functioning members of society. (2)
Law: Limited tech acceptance, no weapons, strict e/immigration policies. (9)
Tech Level: 7
Senator: Bernard Jean-Baptiste
Chief Security Officer: 509h
Comms & Commerce Officer: 333h

Star Port: Venus Class C, On planet, controlled by Church of the Infinite.
Research: I. U. U. College, Biology, Ecology, and Botany focus.
Scout: Republic satellite Star Port Dedalus Class C.
Rouille Mountain: Large mountain making up an entire island. The Yellow King can be found at the base.
The Parish: Swamp City on Rouille Island, Jaune Ones congregation. Mix of Followers.
Carcosa: Main continental city, overtaken by flora overgrowth.

Trade: Peace, Research, Terroforming Tech, Basic Consumables, Germium

Natives: Bernard Jean-Baptiste, Sagit Rosenfeld, Jacob-Pierre DuBois AKA The Yellow King, Curtis Petras Jr. AKA The Barking Tree, Frances Orlean Norman, Dr. Evelyn Legrand AKA The White Bell, Rooter & Squatch, Charlie Knight

Current Residents: Bernard Jean-Baptiste, 509h, 333h, Curtis Petras Jr., Dr. Evelyn Legrand, Rooter & Squatch

Adventure Logs:
“The Yellow King”, Tree Food


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