Global Personal Space (GPS): Originally home to the TAS, now an exotic terroforming resort

System Code: 0402 E465201-V
Size: 6,000 km (4)
Surface Gravity: 0.35
Atmosphere: Standard (6)
Pressure: 0.71-1.49
Temperature: Temperate
Hydrograpics: 55% (5)

Population: 120 humans (2)
Factions: GPS, TAS
Government: None. Personalized private islands made by Rumar Balon of the TAS. (0)
Law: Specific to the island/owner. (1)
Tech Level: 5

Star Port: Class D, Rumar’s mansion, Small.
TAS: Archaic operating base.

Trade: Terroforming tech, Land, Exotic Goods, Basic Ore, Research, Credit.

Natives: Buoy, Vaxsin #MU22
Current Residents: Rumar Balon, John Smith aka Hannibal Ramsey


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