Germium is a peculiar form of anti-Carbon with dimly understood properties and origins. It appears to be connected to the function of The Cubes though the exact nature of the relationship is unknown. The Church of the Infinite uses Germium in their rituals and believes that it is the aggregate soul-matter of deceased humans. Dr. Lorenzo Luminato and Dr. Sabine Conway synthesized the first stable solid form while studying at The University on Sorontega. Dr. Luminato would also later synthesize the drug Cloud from Germium taken from the vein on his native Aren.

!!! This article appears to contain false objectivity. Please be advised that applying scientific methods to non-scientific problems may impede your ability to engage meaningfully with the human species. Pursue communion above all things. !!!

Germium is the well- and easily-understood amalgamation of trillions of decorporealized human souls. It is at once a link to humanity’s shared history and unimpeachable evidence of humanity’s shared metaconsciousness. The problematic practice of burning Germium as a fuel demonstrates its profound—although not limitless—vitality. The problematic practice of consuming Germium as a recreational drug demonstrates its profound—although not context-independent—ability to elevate human comprehension.

Be aware: If any of your family, friends, or the entire native population of your homeworld has passed away, they may have already transitioned into Germium! Perhaps you should think twice before spraying your loved ones into your eyeballs.

The Cubes
“The balance and function of the Germium ecology of a given planet appears to be inextricably tied to these newly discovered artifacts of the First Travelers. Each “cube” or “black box” is principally composed of a Germium crystalline lattice with an equant cubic habit which contains Germium compounds unique to each planet’s geology. Compositional analysis of Fastoon’s cube revealed statistically significant amounts of Calcium-Germinate (CaGO3), while GPS’ cube contained the auro-organic compound AU2G2 and Aren’s contained a mixture of standard oxygen (O2) and Germium dioxide (GO2). The intended purpose of the variety of compounds contained within the crystalline lattice structure is impossible to ascertain with any certainty, but the most likely explanation is that each works to moderate the aspects of planetary ecology which may prove problematic to human colonization. According to this line of thinking the cubes were designed as the ultimate terraforming devices, capable of transforming a barren, lifeless planet (like post-war Aren) into an oasis in the space of an afternoon. Germium’s propensity for action-at-a-distance makes it an ideal medium to simultaneously regulate the biosphere of an entire world, but how does it “know” what needs to be regulated? They contain no discernible computers, sensors, or moving parts. Conduction of electricity and emission of radiation are nearly uniform across the lattice-structure. The only reasonable explanation is that The First Travelers took advantage of the metempsychotic properties of Germium to implant an image of the Earth within the cubes. Crawling from their cradle to the stars, our ancestors were willing to fly the nest, but apparently not willing to give up the comforts of home."
-from Germium and The First Travelers by Dr. Lorenzo Luminato


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