Columbia: A once neutral peaceful planet, now home to the ghoulish Zeds.

System Code: 0104 D277601-VII
Size: 2,150 km (2)
Surface Gravity: .15
Atmosphere: Standard, Tainted, Requires: Filter (7)
Pressure: 0.71-1.49
Temperature: Temperate
Hydrograpics: 72% (7)

Population: 1,000,000+ zeds (6)
Factions: The Zed Party, The Freeman, Mountain Trapping Clans, The New Republic
Government: Anarchy, Zeds and worse abominations trample the charred planet’s surface in a mad rat race for the remaining food sources. (0)
Law: Zed Warlords deliver justice and orders to the lesser ghouls. (1)
Tech Level: 7

Star Port: Pluto Class D, Off world, status unknown, abandoned Republic satellite base.
Scout: I S S Casimir in orbit.

Trade: Death, Disease, Germium

Natives: Rigg, Jamie T. Davis, Mariya Zed, Asker, Dr. Òkú, Goner, Herta, Rasayan Freeman, Stitches, Sunea, Chambers, Seance

Current Residents: Herta, Rasayan Freeman, Stitches, Chambers


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