Catelemnis: Follower Planet, home to the Network

System Code: 0309 D767AD9-V
Size: 10,750 km (7)
Surface Gravity: 0.9
Atmosphere: Standard (6)
Pressure: 0.71-1.49
Temperature: Cold
Hydrograpics: 66-76% (7)

Population: 22,500,000,000 humans (A)
Factions: The Church of the Infinite, The New Republic
Government: Religious Dictatorship, Home to the Church of the Infinite’s Network, a Germium powered Comms Computer connecting all Followers through a process known as Mindfulness, now dismantled on orders of the New Republic in accordance to the codes laid out by the TAS in the AT-AT. Billions of workers, technicians, meditators, and other Followers are restless following their planet’s changes. Bishop Resnik resides on the planet, leading the other Followers in meditation for the whole of the Church, following the dismantling of The Network. Separatist in concept and practice. (D)
Law: Strict sleep cycles, 3 groups of ~7,500,000,000, only two awake at any given time. Everything highly rationed and regulated. Travel to and from illegal, except for select Republic forces. (9)
Tech Level: 5
Senator: Bishop Resnik
Chief Security Officer:
Comms & Commerce Officer: MC 420h

Star Port: Juno Class D, Off-world facility, mediocre. Operated by the New Republic.

Trade: Crystals, Mindfulness, Germium, Research, Luxury Consumables, Citizens.

Natives: Gruna Zyklon, 509h

Current Residents: Bishop Resnik, MC 420h


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