Aren: War torn planet, now in a healing phase

System Code: 0202 C464629-IX
Size: 6,500 km (4)
Surface Gravity: 1.0
Atmosphere: Standard (6)
Pressure: 0.71-1.49
Temperature: Cold
Hydrograpics: 38% (4)

Population: 1,550,000 humans, 250,000 zeds (6)
Factions: TAS, The Zed Party, Arenese, Joycan Konstenstars
Government: Participating Democracy, all colonists who agree to the AT-AT are free to live and build new lives on Aren, human and zed alike. (2)
Law: Refer to the The Aren Trade & Arms Treaty. (9)
Tech Level: 9
Senator: Patay Coburn
Chief Security Officer: Mariya Zed
Comms & Commerce Officer: Quarall Jefferson

Star Port: Mars Class C, On Germium moon. Damaged but being rebuilt. Center of Thaer’s trade after AT-AT.
Big Town: Joycan Konstenstar colony.
Lunato: Main community of refugees.
Underpipe: A broken Germium pipeline, converted into a habitation zone for Zeds.

Trade: Community, Land, Luxury Consumables

Natives: Rumar Balon, Wallace “Wally” Kurtz, 117h, Deacon Pettirosso Luminato, Lorenzo Luminato, Patay Coburn, Rosellino Anthropos, Winston Capra, Baldovino Luminato, Abraham Ingenn

Current Residents: Mariya Zed, Patay Coburn, Smug Rifkin, Biverly Hills, Quarall Jefferson, Baldovino Luminato, Abraham Ingenn, Edward F. Longacre the Third,
Asker, Goner, Sunea, Doneken O’Frei

Adventure Logs:
Lunato General
Onward Through the Dark


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