Sagit Rosenfeld

Ex-Senator of Houma, Zed


Strength: 3 ( – 1)
Dexterity: 3 ( – 1)
Endurance: 3 ( – 1)
Intellect: 7 ( 0 )
Education: 10 ( + 1)
Social: 9 ( + 1)

HP: 19

Admin: 2
Advocate: 0
Animals (Riding): 0
Broker: 3
Gambler: 2
Persuade: 1
Steward: 2
Trade (Farming): 0
Unlife Sciences: 0

Street Clothes, 5 arm



Homeworld: Houma
Faction Alignment: Self, The Great Wind, The New Republic
Current Location: ???

Age: 55

Height: 4’8"
Weight: 190 lbs
Physical Appearance: Pale olive skin, blemished. Head wide and fat. Greasy red comb over with unkempt tight curls on the sides. Large bulbous nose and double chin. Cheeks large and round. Heart shaped and bright red mouth. Protruding forehead/brow hides small yellow eyes. Small wiry black eyebrows. Large orangish-red sideburns and dirty mustache. Wears large blue and green fur coat covering most of his short round body. Thick sausage fingers covered in jewelry. Large orange boots.

Allies: John Smith AKA Hannibal Ramsey
Contacts: Winston Capra, Deacon Pettirosso Luminato, Commander Eustis Rawls

Rivals: Jacob-Pierre DuBois AKA The Yellow King
Enemies: Bernard Jean-Baptiste, Stränger Kløk

Sagit Rosenfeld

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