Zed Pilot and Chief Engineer of the Heart of Thaer


Strength: 7 ( 0 )
Dexterity: 9 ( + 1)
Endurance: 11 ( + 1)
Intellect: 10 ( + 1)
Education: 12 ( + 2)
Social: 5 ( – 1)

HP: 27

Animals (Handling): 0
Astrogation: 0
Comms: 0
Engineer (Warp Drive & Maneuver Drive: 3
Gun Combat (Shotguns): 1
(Un)Life Sciences: 2
Mechanic: 2
Melee (Unarmed): 1
Pilot (Small Craft): 2
Physical Science (Thermodynamics): 0
Stealth: 0
Streetwise: 2
Survival: 1
Vacc Suit: 4
Zero-G: 0

Vacc Suit, Steel Alloy, 5 arm, 3 lsr, Jump Jets
Harpoon Gun, Vacc Suit (Dex), 2d6+2 dmg, 2nd Roll Melee Unarmed (End), trgt Grabbed(1 spear)
Shotstun, Vacc Suit (Dex) 3d6-2 ENDURANCE dmg, (6 shells), cone 3×5, split dmg evenly between targets based on range.
Feed, Melee Unarmed (Dex) + 1, Target must be grabbed. 2d6 dmg, ignore armor if possible.

Scout; Explorer: Rank 1
Navy; Flight: Rank 3

Zed Resilience: Damage enemy in melee attack, heal for half dmg dealt (round up).

Harpoon Slingshot: Vacc Suit (Edu) ( + 1) attack, target grabbed auto-success, 2d6+6 dmg, Depending on conditions, target, user, or both are pulled toward one another.


Homeworld: Columbia
Faction Alightment: TAS, The Zed Party

Age: 21

Height: 180 cm (6’0" in Vacc Suit)
Weight: 60-85 kg (At least 200 lbs in Vacc Suit)
Physical Description: Dull, pinkish skin covering a ghoulish frame. Rigg’s weight varies depending on his feeding cycle and time between feeding. He constantly wears a Vacc Suit to have some control over corporeal biochemistry.

Allies: Shunma Hutt, Patay Coburn
Contacts: Jamie T. Davis, Mariya Zed



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