Mariya Zed

Zed Battle Dress Marine, Chief Security Officer of Aren


Strength: 11 ( + 1)
Dexterity: 9 ( + 1)
Endurance: 14 ( + 2)
Intellect: 7 ( 0 )
Education: 9 ( + 1)
Social: 8 ( 0 )

HP: 44

Animals (Riding): 0
Athletics (Strength & Endurance): 1
Battle Dress: 4
Gunner: 1
Gun Combat (Slug Rifles & Shotguns): 3
Heavy Weapons (Launchers): 3
Leadership: 1
Melee (Unarmed): 1
Sensors: 2
Stealth: 0
Survival: 3
Tactics (Military): 1
(Un)Life Sciences: 1
Vacc Suit: 0
Zero-G: 0

Imperial Guard Battle Dress, + 3 to STR & DEX, 8 arm, 5 lsr, +1 speed, +1 to Jump checks
Heavy Shotgun Mod, Close Range, 8d6 dmg
MAC Gun, 3d6-2 dmg, 3 Attacks

Marine; Star Marine: Rank 6
Chief Security Officer of Aren


Homeworld: Columbia
Faction Alignment: The Zed Party, The New Republic
Current Location: Aren

Age: 24 (58 from human birth, records indicate)

Height: 5’10" (8’5")
Weight: 140-170 lbs (400 lbs)
Physical Appearance: Grey pink skin. Head, partially missing scalp pieces on right side. Long wispy pink air flows on left and back. Deep sunken eyes, zero fat on face reveals skull’s outline significantly. No nose, though wound cleaned and slightly patched over. Mouth small and subtle. Slight jut to chin, small jaw. Scars run down the right side of her cheeks/neck. Usually in her Imperial Guard Battle Dress, a thick suit of multi-layer steel plates and Republic robotic machinery. Equipped with a standard MAC Gun and shoulder mounted Heavy Shotgun mod. Burgundy in original paint, but has let it weather down mostly to it’s black grey metal with remnants of its red glory. Otherwise wears a grey undersuit, holding in her fragile lower torso.

Allies: Patay Coburn, Sunea
Contacts: Wallace “Wally” Kurtz, Rigg

Rivals: Seance, Philander Knox, Rosellino Anthropos
Enemies: Winston Capra, Brick Muerte

Mariya Zed

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