Dr. Lorenzo Luminato

Inventor of Cloud, Capo of The Mixers, Chief Medical Officer of the Heart of Thaer


Strength: 4 ( – 1)
Dexterity: 10 ( + 1)
Endurance: 6 ( 0 )
Intellect: 12 ( + 2)
Education: 10 ( + 1)
Social: 9 ( + 1)

HP: 20

Animals (Handling): 0
Athletics (Coordination): 1
Carouse: 0
Comms: 2
Computers: 2
Diplomat: 0
Gambler: 1
Gun Combat (Slug Pistols): 2
Investigate: 0
Life Science (Biology): 0
Medic: 3
Persuade: 1
Physical Science (Chemistry): 2
Remote Operations: 2
Social Sciences: 0
Space Sciences: 0
Stealth: 1
Streetwise: 2

Lab Coat, Cloth, 3 arm, 2 reflect, Scientific Equipment
Snub Revolver, 2d6-2, Special Rounds, (6 mag)
Virgil, Probe Drone

Scholar; Physician: Rank 1
Rogue; Thief: Rank 2

Awarded doctorates in internal medicine and chemistry from The University on Sorontega. Worked with Sabine Conway on the synthesis of stable solid-state Germium though his contributions weren’t recognized in the published results. Left The University shortly after finishing study and began working for the Mixers of The Towers on Riker-6. After a short stint in a chemical research lab accepted reassignment to Aren to manage a drone army fighting against The Republic. While on Aren he invented the psychotropic Germium infusion called Cloud which, while initially intended for use as a chemical weapon, quickly gained popularity as a recreational drug.

Cloud 9: At the beginning of an encounter, assign 2 ( + 1) modifiers to any 2 specific skills. If one such skill check fails, you may spend the modifier, removing it, for an auto-success of ( 9 ).

Virgil’s Dispensing Maneuver: Virgil shifts 10 sq. Apply miasma to all targets in it’s path and adj squares, auto-success.


Homeworld: Aren
Faction Alignment: TAS, The Towers; The Mixers, I.U.U.

Age: 30

Height: 5’6"
Weight: 130
Physical Appearance: A small man with unkempt black hair and a nervous demeanor. A well-worn, teal-fringed lab coat hangs loosely around his slender shoulders and an un-ashed cigarette hangs even looser from his lips. His arms each bear a full sleeve of mural tattoos; the left details the history of Aren and the right the history of the Towers. A third mural on his back shows scenes from the ancient legend of the Tower of Babel.

Allies: Virgil, Nwaanyi Barksdale, Smug Rifkin, Baldovino Luminato, Gruna Zyklon
Contacts: Kenichi Baiwust, Sabine Conway, Zenith Thebath, Prof. Mykale Hofstad, Dr. Òkú

Rivals: Dr. Quid, Larc Dutchman aka Cowboy New Jersey, Itachi Uchiha
Enemies: Pettirosso Luminato

Adventure Logs:
The Best Goddamn Planet in the Galaxy, Tree Food, Lunato General

Dr. Lorenzo Luminato

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