Admiral Eustis Rawls

Admiral of the New Republic's Navy and Army


Strength: 7 ( 0 )
Dexterity: 6 ( 0 )
Endurance: 9 ( + 1)
Intellect: 8 ( 0 )
Education: 10 ( + 1)
Social: 13 ( + 2)

HP: 32

Admin: 5
Advocate: 2
Broker: 3
Carouse: 0
Comms: 0
Deception: 0
Drive (Wheel): 0
Gun Combat (Laser): 1
Leadership: 1
Melee (Blunt): 0
Persuade: 1
Pilot (Capital Ships): 2
Social Sciences (History & Economics): 1
Steward: 0
Streetwise: 1
Tactics (Naval): 2
Trade (Knitting): 1
Vacc Suit: 0
Zero-G: 0

Tailored Vacc Suit: Cloth/Ablat 6 arm, 6 lsr
Golf Club: 3d6 Fatigue dmg
Laser Revolver: 2d6-2 lsr dmg (6 charges)

Merchant; Broker: Rank 3.
Nobility; Administrator: Rank 3.


Homeworld: I S S Casimir
Faction Alignment: The New Republic
Current Location: I S S Casimir

Age: 66

Height: 5’10"
Weight: 194 lbs
Physical Appearance: Head large and aged. Light brown skin with freckles on face and limbs. No natural hair but has small black wig, grey eyebrows and grey goatee. Small brown eyes. Small nose. Square mouth. Slightly aged and wrinkled. Thin build. Black overcoat. Black suit with burgundy and navy blue tie. Republic belt buckle. Usually wears burgundy golf shoes at even inappropriate times.

Allies: Jamie T. Davis, Roaz Carcutti, Bishop Resnik, Quarall Jefferson, Winston Capra, John Smith, Husam Yamamoto
Contacts: Dr. Sabine Conway, Deacon Pettirosso Luminato, Frances Orlean Norman, Ilaria Lugwit, Patay Coburn, Rumar Balon, Bernard Jean-Baptiste, Edward F. Longacre the Third, Wallace “Wally” Kurtz, Sagit Rosenfeld, Prof. Udele Yamamoto

Rivals: Stränger Kløk, Roy Brown, T. J. English, Jacob-Pierre DuBois AKA The Yellow King, Captain Murphine, Biverly Hills
Enemies: Nwaanyi Barksdale, J IV, Shunma Hutt, Trillian Lach, Moedra The Maul, Dr. Òkú, C. J. Valk

Admiral Eustis Rawls

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