Zed Trapper, Budding Lawyer/Real Estate Agent


Strength: 4 ( – 1)
Dexterity: 10 ( + 1)
Endurance: 6 ( 0 )
Intellect: 12 ( + 2)
Education: 6 ( 0 )
Social: 9 ( + 1)

HP: 30

Admin: 3
Advocate: 3
Broker: 2
Carouse: 2
Computers: 0
Diplomat: 2
Leadership: 2
Melee (Blade): 1
Persuade: 1
Recon: 0
Tactics: 2
Trade (Flyers, Documents, Posters): 2
Unlife Sciences: 0

Simple Flak Suit, Flak, 5 arm
Serrated Saber, 2d6+2 dmg, Bleed 1d6
Trip Traps x6, 3d6 stun, Immobilized

Colonist; Corporate: Rank 2
Nobility; Administrator: Rank 2


Homeworld: Columbia
Faction Alignment: The Zed Party
Current Location: Aren

Age: 18

Height: 6’3"
Weight: 165 lbs
Physical Appearance: Dark grey skin, clean with few scars. Head, small and triangular. Hair in tight brown curls, close cut, well kept. Deep sunken grey eyes. Attractive button nose. Large expressive mouth with thin red lips. Round cheeks, small chin and thin neck. Tall ears. Wears a black and burgundy leather jacket suit combo with Flak vest built in. Tailored tight, curvy body, long legs, wide shoulders. Tall dark grey combat boots. Large book holstered on left side, sheathed saber on the right.

Allies: Goner, Patay Coburn
Contacts: Sunea, Chambers, Edward F. Longacre the Third

Enemies: Herta


Traveller: Thaer of Tomorrow guccigram guccigram