Traveller: Thaer of Tomorrow

Onward Through the Dark

Verses written during the exploration of the Aren Underpipe

Gazing into darkness, a gaping open maw
A tunnel like a serpent that has opened wide its jaw.
The engines hum so softly, now as we embark
to face a world of shadows, onward through the dark.

Darkness ever deeper, deeper under ground.
We come here seeking knowledge, but it’s blindness that we’ve found.
We must proceed with caution, softly now, but hark!
What horrors may we find as we go onward through the dark?

As the light recedes, we yet grow closer to our goal.
The bells are chiming louder, but ask not for whom they toll.
Only death must dwell here, of life there is no spark
But still we journey deeper, onward through the dark.


guccigram tonyseeds

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