Traveller: Thaer of Tomorrow

Lunato General

Carin' for Aren

excerpt from “Carin’ for Aren”, a documentary by Zenith Thebath for the Aren Broadcasting System

voice-over starts over an orbital shot of Aren slowly turning

ZT: With the end of the Vein War and the thigning of the The Aren Trade and Armth Treaty the planet Aren hath finally returned to a thtate of relative peathe. But dethpite the progreth made the planet remainth in ruinth, with no infrathtructure or thivil thervitheth to thpeak of. Thith ith the thtory of one man determined to make a differenth.

exterior shot of Lunato General, a handful of modular-constructed building units stacked on top of one another to make a passably stable structure, followed by an interior shot of Dr. Lorenzo Luminato looking over a patient’s chart holographically projected by Virgil

ZT: Meet Dr. Lorentho Luminato, famed inventor of Cloud, ekthpert on Germium and, motht rethently, founder of Lunato General Hothpital.

LL: Let’s see what we’ve got here. Extreme necrosis of fleshy tissues, as well as marked degeneration of the respiratory and nervous systems. Germium saturation more than three times lethal levels, patient’s pulse….zero. Looks fine to me.

camera pans to a zed in a hospital gown

Patient: Thanks Doc

cut to a close shot of Dr. Luminato in his office, the text at the bottom of the screen reads: Dr. Lorenzo Luminato, humanitarian

LL: The original impetus for founding this hospital was the humanitarian and refugee crisis created by the resettlement of Aren. Everyone was keen on resettling the planet, but nobody was interested in developing any of the public health infrastructure necessary to keep the new population healthy. The fact that the treaty called for the resettlement of Zeds on the planet created more problems because nobody has ever developed any kind of infrastructure to provide Zeds with a reliable food source or medical care. Our goal is to create a new kind of hospital (and a new kind of medicine) for Aren, one that can address the health needs of all of its citizens alive or…otherwise.

cut to Dr. Luminato making rounds through the hospital with a group of visibly nervous “medical students” in tow and a lit cigarette in his mouth. The voice-over resumes as he checks in on a woman who has recently given birth, taking the baby from her arms and appraising it with a look not unlike an auto mechanic examining a carburetor

ZT: Dethpite all of the death and dethtruction, it appearth that Aren’th health ith in good handth ath long ath Dr. Lorentho Luminato ith around.

the baby coughs from the cigarette smoke as the screen fades to black


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