Traveller: Thaer of Tomorrow

Character Creation Timeline (Abridged)

Rough Outline of the TAS's Formation




  • BJB studies biology (Ecology) at IUU Houma, meets Dr. Evelyn Legrand AKA The White Bell; takes job at SP Deadalus and meets boss and then senator of Houma, Sagit Rosenfeld.
  • Daneral-Prime forced into ground combat on Landfall, looses other leg/digestive track.
  • 462h dies in body on Lucian, sees Jitters.
  • Dr. Lozo and Dr. Conway study the Black Box of Sorontega, form solid Germium; sells first Cloud prototype to cancer-sickened Prof. Mykale Hofstad.
  • Rigg’s engineering prowess is shown during a core reactor meltdown; he begins feeding on sickly/dying humans.


  • Rigg, solo, scouts Thaer’s ravaged system and finds The Heart of Thaer drifting in space. Searches for safe place to harbor the vessel.
  • Dr. Lozo, perfects his Cloud formula, a Germium based super-drug. Because of this development, he has a falling out with Dr. Sabine Conway; he leaves for Riker-6 to join The Towers, The Mixers, making contact with Nwaanyi Barksdale.
  • 462h dies in body on Aren, the war is at its height.
  • Daneral-Prime, sent to Riker-6 with C. J. Valk, meets Omega-Prime. Makes contact with Dr. Lozo in Club Babylon.
  • BJB, fed up with Sagit, poisons the man with White Belle, usurping the position of Senator temporarily. The Brotherhood of Sisters ambushes SP Deadalus, lead by rogue pilot Shunma Hutt.


  • BJB is saved by Rigg and agrees to safety stow away The Heart of Thaer on Houma; he is transferred to Aren’s Mars SP with Rigg flying him there, who disguises as living in his vacc-suit.
  • Daneral-Prime meets Kaylee Jane on Riker-6, is deployed to Aren to fight. Writes poem while in transit.
  • 462h, in person, greets BJB and Rigg on Mars SP. Overview of causalities/troop formations and outposts; Germium worries.
  • Dr. Lozo constructs Cloud dispersion drones (as well as his own personal med-bot Virgil) on Aren with Daneral-Prime.
  • Rigg flies BJB and 462h to the planet’s surface; combat. The Travellers find the Germium cube; Thaer erupts in a cataclysmic solar flare, sundering Aren.


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