Traveller: Thaer of Tomorrow

The Trials of the Brave

Some will tolerate the wicked villains who disgust us.
Some accept the quiet, but some will fight for justice.
The righteous keep the path from which the evil stray.
The innocent may sleep, but the guilty all must pay.

It is we who brave the danger while the innocent do slumber.
The oppressor’s great in strength, but we are great in number.

The fate of all the galaxy depends upon the bold.
Those who measure worth in value, not Germium or gold.
The voices of the victors shall give glory to the slain.
Some shall die in battle, but none shall die in vain.

It is we who brave the danger while the innocent do slumber.
The oppressor’s great in strength, but we are great in number.

No glory comes from government, whichever name it chooses.
Authority does not deserve the power it abuses.
Whether fascist or republican, the agents of this violence
Shall not end with bangs or whimpers; All shall end in silence.

It is we who brave the danger while the innocent do slumber.
The oppressor’s great in strength, but we are great in number.

Character Creation Timeline (Abridged)
Rough Outline of the TAS's Formation




  • BJB studies biology (Ecology) at IUU Houma, meets Dr. Evelyn Legrand AKA The White Bell; takes job at SP Deadalus and meets boss and then senator of Houma, Sagit Rosenfeld.
  • Daneral-Prime forced into ground combat on Landfall, looses other leg/digestive track.
  • 462h dies in body on Lucian, sees Jitters.
  • Dr. Lozo and Dr. Conway study the Black Box of Sorontega, form solid Germium; sells first Cloud prototype to cancer-sickened Prof. Mykale Hofstad.
  • Rigg’s engineering prowess is shown during a core reactor meltdown; he begins feeding on sickly/dying humans.


  • Rigg, solo, scouts Thaer’s ravaged system and finds The Heart of Thaer drifting in space. Searches for safe place to harbor the vessel.
  • Dr. Lozo, perfects his Cloud formula, a Germium based super-drug. Because of this development, he has a falling out with Dr. Sabine Conway; he leaves for Riker-6 to join The Towers, The Mixers, making contact with Nwaanyi Barksdale.
  • 462h dies in body on Aren, the war is at its height.
  • Daneral-Prime, sent to Riker-6 with C. J. Valk, meets Omega-Prime. Makes contact with Dr. Lozo in Club Babylon.
  • BJB, fed up with Sagit, poisons the man with White Belle, usurping the position of Senator temporarily. The Brotherhood of Sisters ambushes SP Deadalus, lead by rogue pilot Shunma Hutt.


  • BJB is saved by Rigg and agrees to safety stow away The Heart of Thaer on Houma; he is transferred to Aren’s Mars SP with Rigg flying him there, who disguises as living in his vacc-suit.
  • Daneral-Prime meets Kaylee Jane on Riker-6, is deployed to Aren to fight. Writes poem while in transit.
  • 462h, in person, greets BJB and Rigg on Mars SP. Overview of causalities/troop formations and outposts; Germium worries.
  • Dr. Lozo constructs Cloud dispersion drones (as well as his own personal med-bot Virgil) on Aren with Daneral-Prime.
  • Rigg flies BJB and 462h to the planet’s surface; combat. The Travellers find the Germium cube; Thaer erupts in a cataclysmic solar flare, sundering Aren.

Hello Brothers and Sisters on and above Aren! I am pleased to be making landfall with the one and only TAS. We are pursuing no particular mission at this time and would be happy to join any ongoing humanitarian efforts. Please let me know if you are aware of any ongoing humanitarian efforts! The resources and expertise of the TAS are legend, but I have noticed a tendency to become distracted in the absence of specific, concrete goals. There are a lot of strong personalities in play and these people seem to collect grievances like they’re passport stamps and it would be in everyone’s best interest if you could direct us toward some ongoing humanitarian efforts! Thank you!

Also: How is the situation with the Zeds? We’ve been made to understand that Arenese farmers have developed a germium-rich starch that satisfies their appetites. I assume they have universally seized this opportunity to stop devouring human flesh. I applaud these new, humanitarian Zeds! Has anyone tried ministering to them yet?

Update: Have heard that another organization is operating under the TAS banner. Has anyone met these people?

Urgent update: An acquaintance was attacked by a group of Zeds in a public bathroom. Is that normal? This was in the port.

Urgent update: My earlier assumptions about Zed diet/socialization may have been hasty. Does it seem like a good idea to let them live in a massive, underground tunnel bordering a moon-sized reserve of raw germium? That doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the treaty. Can someone explain what’s going on here?

VERY URGENT UPDATE: Is it ethical to eat cloned human flesh?

VERY URGENT UPDATE: Still waiting to hear about that flesh.

VERY URGENT UPDATE: In this context, the cloned flesh would be an alternative to run-of-the-mill, off-the-bone human flesh. Please respond—time is a factor.

Update: Never mind. Momentum has built behind the cloned flesh initiative. Nothing in the universe could stop these maniacs now.

Onward Through the Dark
Verses written during the exploration of the Aren Underpipe

Gazing into darkness, a gaping open maw
A tunnel like a serpent that has opened wide its jaw.
The engines hum so softly, now as we embark
to face a world of shadows, onward through the dark.

Darkness ever deeper, deeper under ground.
We come here seeking knowledge, but it’s blindness that we’ve found.
We must proceed with caution, softly now, but hark!
What horrors may we find as we go onward through the dark?

As the light recedes, we yet grow closer to our goal.
The bells are chiming louder, but ask not for whom they toll.
Only death must dwell here, of life there is no spark
But still we journey deeper, onward through the dark.

The Riker 6 Shuffle
From the house band at Club Babylon, hoping you can groove your way through the clouds. Hit it, boys.
Lunato General
Carin' for Aren

excerpt from “Carin’ for Aren”, a documentary by Zenith Thebath for the Aren Broadcasting System

voice-over starts over an orbital shot of Aren slowly turning

ZT: With the end of the Vein War and the thigning of the The Aren Trade and Armth Treaty the planet Aren hath finally returned to a thtate of relative peathe. But dethpite the progreth made the planet remainth in ruinth, with no infrathtructure or thivil thervitheth to thpeak of. Thith ith the thtory of one man determined to make a differenth.

exterior shot of Lunato General, a handful of modular-constructed building units stacked on top of one another to make a passably stable structure, followed by an interior shot of Dr. Lorenzo Luminato looking over a patient’s chart holographically projected by Virgil

ZT: Meet Dr. Lorentho Luminato, famed inventor of Cloud, ekthpert on Germium and, motht rethently, founder of Lunato General Hothpital.

LL: Let’s see what we’ve got here. Extreme necrosis of fleshy tissues, as well as marked degeneration of the respiratory and nervous systems. Germium saturation more than three times lethal levels, patient’s pulse….zero. Looks fine to me.

camera pans to a zed in a hospital gown

Patient: Thanks Doc

cut to a close shot of Dr. Luminato in his office, the text at the bottom of the screen reads: Dr. Lorenzo Luminato, humanitarian

LL: The original impetus for founding this hospital was the humanitarian and refugee crisis created by the resettlement of Aren. Everyone was keen on resettling the planet, but nobody was interested in developing any of the public health infrastructure necessary to keep the new population healthy. The fact that the treaty called for the resettlement of Zeds on the planet created more problems because nobody has ever developed any kind of infrastructure to provide Zeds with a reliable food source or medical care. Our goal is to create a new kind of hospital (and a new kind of medicine) for Aren, one that can address the health needs of all of its citizens alive or…otherwise.

cut to Dr. Luminato making rounds through the hospital with a group of visibly nervous “medical students” in tow and a lit cigarette in his mouth. The voice-over resumes as he checks in on a woman who has recently given birth, taking the baby from her arms and appraising it with a look not unlike an auto mechanic examining a carburetor

ZT: Dethpite all of the death and dethtruction, it appearth that Aren’th health ith in good handth ath long ath Dr. Lorentho Luminato ith around.

the baby coughs from the cigarette smoke as the screen fades to black

"The Yellow King"

Yellow is the pollen, and yellow is the air.
How far this world has fallen, how deep is their despair?
What joy or love could ere be found when life no fear will bring?
No joy, no love since he was crowned, the curséd Yellow King.

Each man shall return do dust, when he shall meet his death.
Although he struggles hard he must someday release his breath.
But through some twisted magick this half-man to life would cling.
His tale’s not brave but tragic, the curséd Yellow King.

Oh! Thief of all the planet’s youth, yet source of awe and wonder.
You’ve hidden well your horrid truth to tear these lives asunder.
The children have returnéd now, and you can hear them sing.
As long as beast and man all bow before the Yellow King.

So Houma hangs above the pit upon a fragile string.
A tree survives by eating shit, so shall the Yellow King.

-Daneral Prime

Tree Food

This planet is sick. It’s not just the plants, it’s everything. It’s all infected: the soil, the animals, the people, even the damned cities.

The “Yellow King” isn’t a tree, nor is it any longer a man; it’s a dendriform virus. It certainly possesses arborescent qualities but it is no more a tree than a stick bug is a stick. It has deep roots than run beneath the entire planet but they gather no water and serve as an anchor only incidentally. It has a glorious crown of branches that reaches to the sun, but its yellowed leaves render photosynthesis impossible. It has spread its poxy pollen across the universe but it pollinates nothing; instead infecting the unknowing masses with a disease of dissolution that has transformed them into a lifeless legion of soon-to-be trees. The entire planet is part of its system and the new law of the jungle is the posthumous fever dream of a single man. Everything about it is wrong and that’s not even close to the worst part.

For all its power the Yellow King is only an outgrowth of something much older and more powerful. Something took him, made him into the thing he is today, like it was some sort of recompense for the children he freed from its grip. It sprouted a planet-consuming monster appendage practically overnight. What could possibly do something like that? And, the worse question, what would?

-personal diary of Dr. Lorenzo Luminato

The Best Goddamn Planet in the Galaxy
...and the worst goddamn network

The first time I came to this planet I was 16 years old, I was catching a ship to Sorontega and I had plenty of time to kill. Within the first two hours I was six drinks in and four grand up at the black jack table. Of course by the time my ship came in every penny of that money had been spent, but that’s just how it goes on Riker-6: someone gets rich, someone else gets poor, the wheel keeps on spinning and everyone lets it ride. At least that’s how it used to be.

The game changed when Kosmo started running things. All of the operators and the professionals cashed out and he dealt in a bunch of self-proclaimed actors and cut-rate con-men. People complained, sure, but the TBC was his Ace in the hole; as long as he controlled the network he controlled the people and nobody could call his bluff. Maybe if he hadn’t played his cards so close to his chest everyone would have been able to tell he wasn’t playing with a full deck, but somehow he managed to keep up his poker face. I guess everyone was so busy with Tech World and the Republic that he got lost in the shuffle. Lucky, then, that fate shuffled in some jokers before he laid his cards on the table. At the end of the day he overplayed his hand, we called his bluff and he folded, but what are we celebrating? Now that Kosmo tipped his hand we know that he wasn’t the only one in the game. There are others like him out there: stacking the deck, loading the dice, hedging their bets. There are others like him out there, time to ante up.

Eye in the Sky
Upon the defeat of Kosmo S. Vandalay

Selling freedom for safety’s a fool’s kind of game.
Keep your eyes on the power and not on the fame.
Wherever we go and whatever we try,
We’ll never be safe from the eye in the sky.

Watchfulness can be our only defense,
The price of our safety must be vigilance.
Be wary of strangers, and each passerby.
We’ll never be safe from the eye in the sky.

Nothing is what it seems, no nothing is clear.
Don’t believe what you see, don’t believe what you hear.
Keep watch out for secrets, an ear out for lies.
We’ll never be safe from the eye in the sky.

-Daneral Prime


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